Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rollin', rollin', rollin . . . you know the rest!

So, how do I look? Note that I have a big boy band-aid on my thigh . . . that's because I went to the Doctor for my immunization shots. I only cried a little bit. By the time I got home and was rollin' in my crib, I forgot that I had had a shot. I weighed 16.85 pounds on this day (5/11).

Happy Mother's Day

Friday, May 22, 2009

What did you say??

Oh, sorry. Didn't hear you the first time as I was reading. Yes, it's the same 'Peek a Baby' book you have seen before. I love this book. You can't beat pages that make crinkle sounds. Looks like I may have had a bit of drool. Can't seem to stop drooling . . .

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dad and me --

Do I look my dad yet?!

Shades . . .

Woohoo!! Look at me! I'm up in the air with the seagulls!! We went down to Galveston after our Friday night stay in Houston. We stayed at the San Luis on one of the top floors. How do you like my sunglasses? I can't wait to get back to the beach and try out some surfing!

Hotel Zzzzzzzz

Here I am in my dream-like state at the Hotel ZaZa in Houston. We stayed in a really nice room with super big pillows . . . perfect for allowing me to sit upright. We went down to Houston for a quick visit to see my mom's brother, Uncle Greg and Thomas in April. We also met up with my Grandmother and Grandfather Bergeron. It was really good to see everyone . . .

Silly Socks

Geez, what's up with the rattling elephant socks?! Sometimes my mom dresses me in some silly things! Fortunately I kick my legs around so much that my socks don't stay on for long!!

Kustom Kar Detail . . .

I suppose this qualifies as a kustom kar puppy dog . . . !!

Kontinental Kar Show

We went to the Kontinental Kar Show several weekends ago and boy, did I see some kool kars!! I'm too small to drive but when my legs are able to reach the gas pedal, I sure would like to drive one of these cars! I did get a little sleepy after seeing so many kars . . . the double chin effect when I sleep is kind of embarassing!! Thank goodness I'm wearing some cute overalls to distract people from looking at my chin!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lounging with my rabbit . . .

I was chilling with my rabbit friend while my Mom got ready for work . . . and the cool onesie was one of the first little outfits that my Mom bought while I was still belly bound!

Mom and I on Easter Sunday . . .

My Dad took this really cool shot of Mom and I in the backyard - I like the big trees and blue sky behind us!

Look at all my Easter friends!!

This shot was taken in our backyard after Easter Brunch . . . it was a really nice day as you can tell from the photo . . .

Getting ready for Easter --

Check out how I am getting better at holding my head up . . . and I like my Easter outfit that my grandmother got me! I had just finished my bottle and was wearing my bib so I didn't mess up my shirt!

Happy Easter!!

Dad and me --

Enchanted Rock

So, this photo is a little out of order because it's from our trip to Fredericksburg in the end of March. It was my Mom and Dad's fifth wedding anniversary . . . Dad took Mom to Enchanted Rock because that's where he proposed to her. On this trip, he surprised her with an anniversary band complete with one sapphire stone in honor of yours truly! You might be able to tell that I was not quite myself. I felt kind of bad about crying but it was a little bit windy on my first rock climbing expedition!