Monday, September 7, 2009

Yum!! Tasty crib rail!!

My mom lowered the crib for some reason after I did this . . . !!

Push up!!

It's the first move in my crawling routine!!

Big Boy Bandaid

I got this bandaid when I went for my follow up immunization shots. Did I mention that I didn't cry when the nurse gave me my shot? That's right, I am a tough, big boy!

Can I look at this book??

I bet it has lots of pictures!!


Hi Grandmother!!

I sure do like my whale overalls!! It was warm out the day this shot was taken so I took off the matching orange and white shirt . . . I had also just finished napping so I may look a bit groggy!! Love, Nicolas

Miss America Rocks!!

Remember when this onesie was too big for me?! Not anymore!! (Thanks, again, Aunt Susan!!)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hi Mom!! xoxo Nicolas

Deep Eddy Afternoon Chill TIme!

We went to Deep Eddy pool several weekends back. I think I look pretty cool. Still working on my washboard stomach . . . can you see the white birds behind me?? That was was pretty fun to see these birds close up!! And I really like swimming in the pool!!

Jumper Shots!

Here I am getting a little work out in my jumper - everyone should have one of these!

Dr. Visit - Getting bigger!

I had my checkup appointment on July 7th and weighed just a little over 19 pounds. Check out my meaty legs!