Monday, June 29, 2009

Can you believe -- !!

Triplets!! Who would have thought that I'd have the chance to meet up with triplets at the park?! I was trying to play it cool -- and act a bit nonchalent about the whole deal. It was actually a bit intimidating (but don't tell anyone!).

P.S. Also, please note that I am about a month behind on updating my blog - I've been busy working on sitting up straight and other fun stuff. So, I'm bigger than these photos show since I've had a month of Formula 1 and cereal with various fruits/vegetables. I plan to catch up on blogging this week - stay tuned!!

Meet my nanny, Charu (who also goes as Mrs. Roo)!

Riding on the purple dinosaur!

This shot is from one of my trips to the park . . . there's lots to do at the park. It's quite the social scene as well . . .

Yeah baby, I'm on safari . . .

It's the kind of safari expedition where you get to recline on big pillows and stuffed animals. You missed the shot where I wrestled a fierce lion to the ground . . .

Surfin' the web!

Yes, I think this proves that I can and do update my blog!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Like I mentioned, I go to the park each day with my nanny, Charu. Here's a shot of me having a great time!!

Like I was saying --

I am really enjoying being able to sit up even if it is with some support from the boppy. It allows me to raise my one eyebrow and look rather scholarly. I have to work on new material because when I go to the park with my nanny, I meet up with the other kids. Want them all to know how wise I am . . .