Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!

I had a pretty big day - we saw the parade, went to the park and then ventured over to Ski Shores for a burger!!

All my friends and I in the crib . . .

My magic carpet looks different in the bright sunlight . . .

I can help dry my bottles . . .

Action shot!! Whee, looking at me roll (in my rock and roll onesie)!!

What is this - yuck?!?!

Good Morning!!

Happy Father's Day!!

Oh, this is so embarassing --

Yes, it was a stinkerbottom moment at this restaurant we went to for Sunday brunch. My mom had to take me to the bathroom and do some cleanup. And then everything was fine again . . . !!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just chillin' and watching a little Formula 1!!



I don't really need this boppy thing - I can sit up on my own just fine!

My first dip in the pool at Dean's house . . .

So, I was a little bit skeptical initially but then my mom and Dean helped me get used to the idea of being in a giant bathtub. Dad was taking photos of the big event. Afterward, he and I relaxed on the patio. How do you like my surf attire??

I love playing!!